Being Patient On Telecom New Zealand (NZT)

| About: Spark New (SPKKY)

Roger Nusbaum submits: Over the weekend Scott Bleier recommended Telecom New Zealand (NZT) on Bulls & Bears. Long time readers will know my fondness for the name but that I sold it a while back as I wanted to sit out more kiwi declines.

I started out being right about the kiwi getting weaker but it has rallied sharply since trading with a 59 cent handle for about ten minutes in early April. The stock went a little lower since my sale, then went higher and is got hit hard Wednesday based what appears to be news about one of its segments putting a damper on the earnings.

I have been very transparent about my intention with this stock -- which is that I do plan to buy it back at some point, I think late this year, but for now I still see risk to the currency and a potential slowing of the economy. The stock is close to $26 per share. I would not mind paying more in the future if I felt there was less risk than there is now.

Patience, as it related to investing, is difficult. This is a test of my ability to be patient.