Country Stock Market Performance QTD, YTD; U.S. Struggling In Q4

Includes: IVV, SPY
by: Bespoke Investment Group

Below is a snapshot of the QTD and YTD stock market performance numbers for nearly 80 countries around the world. So far this quarter, the countries below are collectively averaging a decline of 0.11%. The average for all of 2012 stands at +6.99%.

Turkey, Serbia and (surprisingly) Greece have been the top three performing countries so far in the fourth quarter. The Ukraine, Bangladesh and Taiwan have been the three worst.

The most noteworthy performance number in the table below is the decline of 3.67% for the US stock market in the fourth quarter. After outperforming most of the world over the first three quarters of 2012, we've seen a big shift over the last month and a half. Nearly 90% of markets around the world are outperforming the US this quarter. That's not a good thing given that the US makes up about 30% of world market cap.

The US ranks dead last in QTD performance of just the G7 countries. France is up the most of the G7 countries this quarter with a gain of 2.30%. Italy and the UK are the only other G7 countries in the black this quarter, while Germany, Canada, Japan and the US are in the red.

All four of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are down in the fourth quarter, with Russia down the most at -7.23%.