Intel Into The Abyss

Nov.14.12 | About: Intel Corporation (INTC)

As we noted earlier, Intel's (NASDAQ:INTC) steep decline recently has pushed its dividend yield all the way up to 4.44%, making it the third highest yielding stock in the Dow! As shown in the chart below, the stock has been in a steady, steep downtrend since May, and lately it can't even manage an up day every now and then. Today marked the eighth consecutive day that Intel has finished in the red. Over this 8-day period going back to November 2nd, the stock has fallen 8.89%.

Since 1982, Intel has only had seven prior 8-day losing streaks. The last one came back in January 2006. As shown in the table at right, the stock has finished up on day nine four times, down two times and flat once. The stock has only had two 9-day losing streaks and zero 10-day losing streaks. If the stock can't manage to close up on Wednesday or Thursday, it will be in uncharted territory, and it will likely be below $20 as well.

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