Neuroptix Raises $18.5 Million in Successful B Round

by: Eben Tessari

Neuroptix Corporation has successfully raised a total of $18.5 million in its Series B funding round, as the company advances its diagnostic Alzheimer’s test toward clinical trials.

The investment, led by Inventages, will advance continued development of the Neuroptix Sapphire diagnostic platform and related technologies. The Neuroptix Sapphire system consists of a non-contact optical device combined with an eye drop which specifically identifies Alzheimer’s-related proteins found in the lens of the eye. Rockport Venture Partners acted as the financial adviser on the transaction.

Interesting idea. I’d love know their business model. How much can you possibly charge for one of these devices / exams? Aren’t cognitive declines using ADAS-cog or other such measures a better clinically relevant test?

I guess if reducing tau protein in Alzheimer’s patients (like many hot pipeline candidates attempt to do) works, this will be a valuable diagnostic technology to catch the disease early. If the drugs don’t pan out, the company may fade into expensive obscurity.