Earthlink (ELNK) on VoIP (quotes from the conf call)

Feb. 8.05 | About: EarthLink, Inc. (ELNK)

Here's what Earthlink (ticker: ELNK) CEO Gary Betty said his company's plans for voice over IP services (VoIP) on Earthlink's Q4 earnings conference call:

EarthLink's Free Online Calling is based on Session Initiation Protocol, a standards-based protocol widely used to establish pure VoIP calls. In addition to EarthLink's Free Online Calling, we will continue to offer high speed users access to traditional phone services with EarthLink unlimited voice.

In 2005 we expect to initiate product trials focusing on VoIP and bundled local, long distance and DSL services.

Both of these service offerings will be true voice alternatives, which will allow customers to place and receive calls on their regular phones using the public switch telephone network versus other voice offerings which restrict customers to contacting only those individuals using services based on similar technologies.

We have been selling EarthLink unlimited voice for about two years and I think we've got over 10,000 customers buying that service.

(Quotes from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)