Dividend Investing: Eight Companies with Positive Feedback

by: Dividends4Life

A vision is taking the time to think of (anticipate) in detail what the future will bring. You would need to consider future earnings, savings and economic issues such as inflation. Then based on what you foresee in the future, you would formulate an action plan to ensure the best possible outcome given your unique circumstances. You can't have a retirement plan until you have a retirement vision. It would seem to me that there are a lot or retirement plans out there but very few retirement visions.

A portion of my retirement planning includes dividend investing. One of the beauties of dividend investing is it provides you continuous feedback. As the years and decades go by you can see your earnings steadily grow as you invest your money in dividend stocks. Here are a few select companies that have recently provided their shareholders positive feedback by raising their cash dividends:

  • Matthews Int'l (NASDAQ:MATW) Boosts Quarterly Dividend by 1.5% to $0.065/Share (0.06%)
  • VF Corp. (NYSE:VFC) Boosts Quarterly Dividend 2% to $0.59/Share (4.32%)
  • PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) Boosts Quarterly Dividend 2% to $0.53/Share (4.20%)
  • Goodrich (NYSE:GR) Boosts Quarterly Dividend by 11% to $0.25/Share (2.71%)
  • UMB Financial (NASDAQ:UMBF) Boosts Quarterly Dividend by 6% to $0.175/Share (1.31%)
  • Home BancShares (NASDAQ:HOMB) Increases Quarterly Dividend 55% to $0.065/Share (1.31%)
  • Stepan Company (NYSE:SCL) Boosts Quarterly Dividend by 4.7% to $0.22/Share (2.25%)
  • The Eastern Company (NYSEMKT:EML) Raises Quarterly Dividend by 12.5% to $0.09/Share (2.89%)
After running these companies through my D4L-PreScreen.xls model, VFC and PPG both had a positive NPV of MMA Differential, but fell short of the $3,000 I look for from a company that is a Dividend Aristocrat. None of the others achieved the necessary NPV of MMA Differential to justify a full evaluation.

Disclosure: No position in the aforementioned stocks.