(SINA) on mobile content in China (quotes from the conf call)

Feb. 8.05 | About: Sina Corporation (SINA)

Sina (ticker: SINA) announced quarterly results last night. Here are some key quotes:

On the government crackdown on ads for fortune telling services:

….we're not the only one who is doing TV, radio advertising for
these type of products. So I think it is not a move directed at Sina
per se. It's really a move directed at this type of advertising. And as
I have mentioned before, we weren't aware of this decision making
process. So it came to us as a surprise.

On merger and acquisition activity:

….we're looking at all opportunities. We have been a little bit
hesitant in doing our acquisitions in the mobile business precisely
because the risk profile of the mobile business.

On possible effects of The9’s (ticker: NCTY) World of Warcraft game:

….the number of people who can play 3D markets are limited by the
amount of computers out there…...capable of playing 3D graphics. With
the Warcraft entry into this market place could trigger a sort of a
more massive transition in terms of upgrading computer. And actually
open up the market place to even greater number of players….which opens
up the market for 3D games further.

On the future of the company’s mobile business:

....but currently, really, the way to grow in the mobile business is
continue to come up with new product packaging, new product ideas and
figure out different channels and platforms to push those products out.

(Quotes from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)