Bookham's Business Falls Apart (BKHM)

May. 8.06 | About: Bookham Inc. (BKHM)

Bookham Inc. (NASD:BKHM), the maker of optical components for the telecommunications and data communications markets, has never quite gotten its house in order. Its recent fiscal Q3, ending April 1, 2006, continued a string of lackluster results. Revenue for the quarter was $53.4 million down from $60.7 million in the immediately previous quarter and up slightly from $49.9 million in the quarter a year ago. Declines in the company's business with Nortel (NYSE:NT) were partially to blame.

Bookham has an operating loss of $30 million in the quarter, with $7.2 million of that relating to a legal settlement. A year ago, the operating loss was $9.9 million. Adjusted EBITDA was a negative $10.7 million compared to a loss of $700,000 in the immediately previous quarter and a negative $17.6 million a year ago. The company said it planned to cut overhead spending by $5 to $6 million a quarter. Guidance for top line in the next quarter is $52 to $55 million. In other words, no growth.

Bookham's gross margins are truly awful. They have been running about 10% and the company says they could drop as low as 6%. Under those circumstances, it is difficult to see how the company can make money.

The company's stock now trades around $5 on a $10.36/$2.57 52-week high/low. Given that the company's revenue has been flat to down since the July 2, 2005 quarter, it is surprising the stock is not lower in its range.

BKHM 1-yr chart

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