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During the week of November 26th, five Dividend Aristocrats will go Ex-Dividend. They are McGraw-Hill (MHP), Dover Corp (NYSE:DOV), Sigma-Aldrich Corp (NASDAQ:SIAL), Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), and McDonald's (NYSE:MCD).

McGraw-Hill -Ex-Dividend 11/26/12

MHP is a global information provider serving the financial services and education industries. MHP has four operating segments: S&P Ratings, S&P Capital IQ/Indices, Commodities & Commercial, and McGraw-Hill Education.

MHP was trading at $51.94 as of the close of trading Friday and is paying out 1.96% a year in dividends. MHP has also raised its dividends from $0.1175 a quarter per share in 2000 up to $0.255 a share each quarter and has split once during the same time period.

McGraw Hill Key Ratios
Enterprise Value14.38B
Profit Margin13.35%
Return on Assets13.30%
Operating Cash Flow1.15B
Levered Free Cash Flow1.40B

**MHP is currently splitting into two companies; financial services and education.**

Dover Corp -Ex-Dividend 11/28/12

DOV has four operating units supplying other industries with essential internal components and products those industries need to operate. DOV's operating units are: Communication Technologies, Energy, Engineered Systems, and Printing and Identification.

Dover's stock is currently trading at $63.88 and offering a dividend of 2.19%. DOV has raised the dividend paid each year since 2000 (earliest year Google finance would show). In 2000, the dividend paid was $0.125 a quarter; it currently is $0.35 a quarter.

Dover Key Ratios
Enterprise Value12.84B
Profit Margin11.02%
Return on Assets8.38%
Operating Cash Flow1.04B
Levered Free Cash Flow680.15M

Sigma-Aldrich (SIAL)-Ex-Dividend 11/28/12

SIAL is a life science tech company that develops, manufactures, purchases and distributes chemicals and biochemical solvents and other reagents and kits used in the academic settings as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

SIAL was trading at $72.20 as of the close Friday, with a dividend yield 1.11% annually. In 2000, SIAL was paying 0.04 a quarter in dividends; it is currently paying $0.20 a quarter and has split once in the same time period.

Sigma-Aldrich Key Ratios
Enterprise Value8.75B
Profit Margin17.53%
Return on Assets12.03%
Operating Cash Flow501.00M
Levered Free Cash Flow343.00M

Coca-Cola -Ex-Dividend 11/28/12

The ubiquitous beverage maker of still and sparkling non-alcoholic beverages hardly needs an introduction.

As of Friday it was trading at $37.93 and is offering a dividend yield of 2.70%. In 2000, KO was paying a $0.09 dividend quarterly; today it is paying $0.255 a quarter. The stock has also split once during that same time period.

Coca-Cola Key Ratios
Enterprise Value184.78B
Profit Margin18.48%
Return on Assets8.17%
Operating Cash Flow10.51B
Levered Free Cash Flow6.42B

McDonald's -Ex-Dividend Date 11/29/12

This fast food franchiser and restaurant operator does not need any introduction. MCD operates 34,000 stores in 140 countries.

As of the close of markets Friday, MCD was trading at $87.05 and paying a 3.5% in dividends. In 2000, MCD was paying $0.22 once a year as a dividend; it now is expected to pay $0.77 quarterly.

McDonald's Key Ratios
Enterprise Value98.47B
Profit Margin19.85%
Return on Assets15.71%
Operating Cash Flow6.90B
Levered Free Cash Flow3.54B

As always, please do your own research! This article should not be misunderstood to be an endorsement of any stocks mentioned.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.