Glaxo and AFFiRiS Sign Alzheimer’s Disease Vaccine Deal

Oct.30.08 | About: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (NYSE:GSK) and AFFiRiS GmbH announced the execution of a collaboration agreement granting GSK exclusive rights to AFFiRiS’s Alzheimer’s disease vaccine programs, aimed at treating Alzheimer’s by targeting beta-amyloid.

As part of the agreement, GSK is acquiring exclusive rights to develop and commercialize two Alzheimer’s disease vaccine candidates that are based on AFFiRiS AFFiTOPE technology and are currently in Phase I clinical development. AFFiRiS is also granting GSK an exclusive option to develop and commercialize alternative Alzheimer’s disease vaccine candidates which are in pre-clinical development.

Upfront: €22.5 million ($29 million)
Milestones: €407.5 million ($523 million)

Nice chunk of change. I’m not personally a big believer in Alzheimer’s disease vaccines in general (or these APP/tau approaches) but I’ve been wrong before and I guess covering your bases for ~$29M is a fine strategy if you have the money.

Eventually though, one of these gamma secretase/APP/tau based approaches to treating or, in this case, preventing AD better show at least a shred of efficacy in clinical trials or some poor licensing professional is getting fired at pretty much every major pharma company. Sheep.

GlaxoSmithKline and AFFiRiS sign an exclusive licence and option agreement for therapeutic Alzheimer’s disease candidate vaccines
-(Via GSK news.)