The New Plan to Save Sun Microsystems (Warning: Puppets Involved)

| About: Sun Microsystems (JAVA)

Never mind that Sun Microsystems just announced a $1.7 billion loss for its most recent quarter (mostly due to writedowns of pricey acquisitions like the $4.1 billion it spent on StorageTek). Never mind that its market cap is only $4 billion, despite having three times as much annual revenues and $2 billion in cash. Never mind that co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim, who returned to help save the company, is now interested in other things.

CEO Jonathan Schwartz has a new plan to get the company back on track. All I’m going to say is that it involves open-source. Schwartz lays it out in the exclusive video interview above, which he conducted a couple weeks ago with TechCrunchIT editor Steve Gillmor. Okay, the interview is with Schwartz’s puppet. But it is an exclusive interview.

(Props to the Puppetman).

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