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Editor's notes: This stock trades at a significant discount to peers for reasons (not well known, pink-sheet status) that should be resolved soon. 40% upside looming on the horizon.

North Atlantic Drilling Limited (OTCPK:NATDF), operator of eight offshore drilling rigs, trades at a substantial 45% discount to its offshore drilling peers at only 7x earnings, and sports a hefty 9% dividend yield. Given that the Norwegian company listed only 24% of its shares via a private placement in February 2011, this minority-owned stake has traded in limited fashion on the pink sheets in the US. With a grand total of one sell-side analyst covering NATDF on the Street today, awareness has been virtually nil and, with a recent price at $2.00 per share, the stock has been ignored by many who might view this as a micro-cap penny stock.

However, the TEV of this company is a...

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