Five-point summary of Google's analyst day

| About: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

A five bullet-point summary of Google's analyst day from InsideGoogle and GoogleBlogscoped:

  • Google will begin (eventually, no time soon) requiring a login for most of its services. CEO Eric Schmidt would not specify when or for what.
  • Google's ideal division of resources: 70% on the search engine, 20% on search products, like Froogle, and 10% on experimental services like Keyhole and Orkut. Of course, with so many people at Google working on AdWords, that 70% working on the search engine may be (my estimation) be divided to 30% on search, 40% on ads. Lets not try to deny Google's most important division is its ad division, not its search division.
  • The beta tag means that big features have yet to be added, and will remain on until they are. As we all know, it can sometimes also mean that there's no money in that product.
  • Google wants to hire more people, but can't find them because of high standards. Wanna bet that'll change as the need for more people gets more prevalent?
  • Larry Page said speculation on Google Browsers and Google Phones was just confusing. "Most of the things we read are a surprise to us".

Quick comment:
This summary was correct to prioritize the introduction of a log-in as the most important data point from the analyst day. Forcing users to log-in allows Google to integrate search with a suite of personalized products (email, IM, local search, blogs, photos...). But restricting access also runs the risk of pushing away users.

An aside for the buy-side and sell-side:
Only 5 data points from a whole day? And that's good going for an analyst day. Yup, I'm glad I no longer have to attend those things in person.