Sun Launches Open Storage to Compete With the Big Guys

| About: Sun Microsystems (JAVA)

Sun Microsystems (JAVA) on Monday unveiled a new family of storage systems–code named Amber Road–in an attempt to put the squeeze on players like EMC, IBM and HP (NYSE:HPQ) by using standard components and open source software.

openstorage.pngSun’s 7000 family is aimed at cost-conscious storage customers. Sun says its new lineup features “the world’s first open storage appliances.” Sun (statement) will release three new products initially and expand from there.

The company, which had $25 million in Open Storage system sales on a total revenue base of $2.99 billion in its fiscal first quarter, is also betting that it can rally open source developers to its cause. The formula: Use open source software to sell hardware and services.

Sun argues that its new systems can deliver up to 75 percent cost savings by using standard components, software that automates setup and enhancing energy efficiency.

Among the products in the rollout:

  • Sun Storage 7110 is a compact model with 2 terabytes of storage that starts at $10,995.
  • Sun Storage 7210 has up to 48 TB of storage and uses the company’s flash hybrid storage pool technology. The 7210 will start at $34,995.
  • And the Sun Storage 7410 that can support up to half a petabyte and start at $57,490 for a single node and $89,490 for a clustered version. The 7410 is designed to be clustered.