Pacific Ethanol: High Insider Selling Noted (PEIX)

| About: Pacific Ethanol, (PEIX)

The Wall Street Journal Online today did a story on the incredible amount of Insider selling in Pacific Ethanol. I wrote about the insider selling back on April 23rd. From the article:

From April 18 through May 10, company insiders sold a total of 3.19 million shares, reaping a combined $100.5 million, or about $31.53 a share.

Director Frank P. Greinke alone sold 1.4 million shares for more than $44 million; Ryan William Turner, who resigned as chief operating officer on April 19, sold 350,000 shares a day before his resignation and an additional 529,166 shares afterward, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Here’s an updated graph with the total amount of Insider Selling at Pacific Ethanol (Nasdaq: PEIX). Insiders have sold more than $103,253,404 so far in the months of April and May alone:

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