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A lot of comparisons have been made between the Technology sector post-Internet bubble and the Financial sector post-financial crisis. Below is a chart that highlights each sector's percentage change from its all-time high on the same time-scale (in days). The "crash" pattern for both sectors occurred over a similar time period, and they both experienced declines of roughly 85% from their highs.

The Technology sector is now ten years removed from its post-bubble low, while the Financial sector will be four years removed from its 2009 low in March 2013. As shown, the two patterns coming out of their big declines have been somewhat similar so far, but Financials have already bounced more than Technology had at this point in its recovery. Tech went roughly five years before experiencing a second big drop from late 2007-2009 (caused by the financial crisis nonetheless), which suggests that the Financial sector has another year left before it has another big drop if the same pattern holds.

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