Microsoft's Windows Azure Extends The Reach Of Mimvi Search And Recommendation Technology

Dec.27.12 | About: Adaptive Medias, (ADTM)

Microsoft (MSFT) and Mimvi, Inc. (MIMV.OB) announced earlier today that Mimvi is taking advantage of Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform to extend its core technology to internal and external groups and partners in the Microsoft ecosystem. This strategic relationship with Microsoft allows Mimvi to further enhance and extend its proprietary algorithmic technology -- the foundation of its mobile search, discovery, and recommendations engine. This comes after the release of Mimvi App Search in the Windows Phone Store earlier in December.

According to Dan Dan Sandlin, manager of the Windows Azure Team at Microsoft:

Companies such as Mimvi that develop ways to approach mobile search and app recommendations can take advantage of Microsoft's scalable cloud solution. With Windows Azure, Mimvi can quickly build, deploy and manage its core mobile search and discovery technologies and applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Windows Azure will help enable Mimvi to quickly provide clients and partners with the services they need in an increasingly competitive environment.

Microsoft and Mimvi are working together to enable companies to migrate mobile apps and back-end infrastructures to the Windows Azure cloud and/or the Windows Phone Store.

In addition to search and recommendations, Mimvi is using Windows Azure to build out a suite of products based on its technology, including MimviLink, a mobile advertising network that matches relevant mobile apps to content.

According to Kasian Franks, founder and CVO of Mimvi:

Our strategic technology advantage and relationship with Microsoft will serve Mimvi well. Windows Azure is a great match for Mimvi's growing technology needs.The mobile space is exploding with apps, and without good search technology and a strong cloud foundation to serve our results, we wouldn't be able to keep pace with the growing demand for our services.

The global smartphone app market is forecast to reach U.S. $100+ billion by 2017, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Mimvi's search engine returns millions of mobile app and web app results and has indexed the more than 1.2 million mobile apps in the marketplace today. It's the only search engine that provides users access to "Amazon-like" recommendations for mobile apps specifically.

The announcement bodes well for both Microsoft and Mimvi. It gives Microsoft a strong strategic technology partner in the key search and recommendation area which will enable it to boost demand for apps on its Windows Phone Store and throughout its Windows Azure ecosystem. Likewise, it enables Mimvi to develop its search, recommendation, and other products for Microsoft's enterprise customers. There has been a lot of speculation around Mimvi's relationship with Microsoft, fueling a good deal of shorting activity. I have been saying for months that this is a solid relationship that will foster a great deal of revenue flow over time. I see this latest announcement as very good news for both companies and view them both as good investments given their current PPS.

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