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The shortened trading week brought nice gains for most global stock market indices. U.S. major benchmarks closed sharply higher during 3.5 trading days. Dow Jones was up 9.73%, Nasdaq Composite 10.92% and S&P 500 12.03%. There have not been any fundamental improvements, but the markets were just deeply oversold and bargain hunters started to add new positions.

Recently, I published an ETF performance map on a year to date basis. Numbers were hovering around -50% for European ETFs and -60% for Asian ETFs, except Japan. I think it will be interesting to see which markets benefit from last week's rally the most.

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As seen in the chart, the leader was iShares MSCI Turkey (TUR) with an enormous 40% in five days! Among developed European markets, Sweden (EWD) and Austria (EWO) have dominated at more than 20% up.

In the Asia-Pacific ETF group, major leaders were Australia (EWA) at 24%, South Korea (EWY) at 26% and China (FXI) at 25%.

In Latin America especially, Brazilian shares sent the country's ETFs (EWZ) higher by 31% and also the composed exchange traded fund (ILF) by 25%.

Source: Which ETF Markets Benefitted Most From Last Week's Global Rally?