Looks Like We'll See Dow at 10K - Soon?

by: Michael Kahn

A reader pointed out a pattern that is not readily visible on the normal bar charts most of us use. Using a close-only chart, a megaphone or expanding triangle pattern appears and it has one interesting implication. Check this:

click to enlarge

Is it possible to see Dow 10K in the next few weeks to months? It sure looks that way.

This pattern is usually analyzed as a topping pattern so I am not so sure that the reverse is true as a bottoming pattern. But it does give us some sort of structure to follow.

How about this? After reaching 10K it forms a regular triangle on the back side - creating a diamond pattern. Again, diamonds are thought to be tops so who knows what it might really mean? But then again, who ever expected the VIX to hit 89!

The old rules are up for rewriting.