Profiting from Obama's Infrastructure Plans

by: Thomas Smicklas

As we await the next deluge of freshly printed loot from the Treasury to debt our way out of the recession, a bit of pre-emptive research may assist you to find stocks which may profit from the Obama infrastructure plan. My initial investigation into this realm led me towards some interesting securities. Perhaps a few may be appropriate for your speculative portfolio. Here they are:

  • Monarch Cement Company (OTCQB:MCEM) - . The Portland Cement-brand company has excellent cement products for infrastructure projects. Trading at $25.75 and yielding 3.57%. 52-week range between $20-30.00.
  • Texas Industries (NYSE:TXI) is a heavy construction play. Excels in three areas,cement, aggregates and consumer products all tied to infrastructure. Trading at $30.48 and yielding 1.0%. 52-week range between $19-80.00.
  • United States Lime and Mineral Company (NASDAQ:USLM) - A lime and limestone company that plays a role in the construction, steel, municipal sanitation, water treatment, paper, roof shingle and agriculture. Trading at $21.67 with nil yield. 52-week range between $19.-46.00.
  • Martin Marietta Materials (NYSE:MLM) - A major producer of aggregates for the infrastructure industry. Trading at $90.90 and yielding 1.76%. 52-week range $58.-143.00.
  • Vulcan Materials (NYSE:VMC) - One of my favorites. Another major producer of aggregates for infrastructure with a major political plus of having large operations in the Chicago,Illinois area. Trading at $66.75 and yielding 2.94%. 52-week range $39.-101.00.
  • KBR, Inc. (NYSE:KBR) - This company is well-positioned in government and civilian infrastructure services. Formerly a division of Halliburton. Trading at $12.94 and yielding 1.55%. 52-week range $9.00-45.00.
  • URS Corp. (NYSE:URS) - A Pelosi-posted San Francisco provider of construction, engineering and technical services for infrastructure around the world. Trading at $36.41 with a nil yield. 52-week range $19.-57.00.
  • Jacobs Engineering (NYSE:JEC) - Specialist in providing direct-hire construction services, modular construction activities, value-added infrastructure services, etc. Trading at $42.43 with nil yield. 52-week range $26.-104.00.
  • Foster Wheeler (FWLT) - Superb global construction company and a specialist in infrastructure development. Trading at $21.52 with nil yield.52-week range $13-86.00.
  • Granite Construction (NYSE:GVA) - Heavy civil construction contractors. Focuses on infrastructure projects nationwide. Trading at $45.83 with a 1.13% yield. 52-week range $21.-48.00.

Disclosure: None