Cramer's Lightning Round - Cramer's Natural Gas Confession (12/5/08)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed in the lightning round session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Friday December 5.

Bullish Calls:

Coach (NYSE:COH): (concerning insider buying) “I join those insiders… I think the holidays are going to be better than anyone expects because of the 25% drop in oil and because of massive refinancing. I want to own some Coach.”
Centurytel (NYSE:CTL): “I think the dividend is safe, that is a very cautious stock to own for someone your age [24]…you want to be aggressive at that young age, not conservative”
General Mills (NYSE:GIS)
Praxair (NYSE:PX): “I want you to hold onto it because at one point in the next 18 months this stock will rally I want you to own is down too much.”

Bearish Calls:

AMCOL International (NYSE:ACO): “It’s got minerals, it’s got a bunch of things I don’t want to be associated with…this one is way too dangerous given that oil has gone down so much.”
ConAgra Foods (NYSE:CAG): “Why are you going with worst of breed when I give you General Mills? I feel General Mills is four times the company ConAgra is.”
Ultra Petroleum (UPL): “Natural gas has collapsed… I would like to see natural gas to find some level where the hedge funds aren’t liquidating it…at 4 or 5 dollars …why not wait? I bless this stock under $28 …I did not forsee that natural gas would go all the way to $5. My bad. I got it wrong.”

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