Dell Discusses China, Japan and India (DELL)

May.19.06 | About: Dell Inc. (DELL)

From Dell's (NASDAQ:DELL) conference call last night:

In Asia-Pacific and Japan, revenues grew 17% year over year, with units up 30%, or roughly twice the growth of the rest of the industry. As the fastest-growing, non-Asian company, we increased our share 1.2 points to a record 10%. In China, revenue was up 29%, as our 40% increase in units was almost twice that of the growth of the rest of the industry. In Japan, we were awarded a significant contract from the Japan Defense Agency for desktop and notebook PC’s, as well as services. This deal, valued at $36 million, is the region’s largest ever contract. Our merging countries in Asia also posted strong growth, led by a 54% increase and revenue in Korea, and a 40% increase in India.

...Let me end with a brief look at why we are confident we have significant head room for growth. 95% of the world’s population lives outside the U.S., accounting for 70% of global market share; we only have 12% share of this market. Global customers are increasingly asking for broader product lines, enhanced services, and global scale. Few companies will be able to meet these evolving needs in the future, and no company is better positioned than Dell to succeed.

The leaders in our industry will have global scale and will operate close to the customer. This is why Dell is making the right investments in our highest growth countries ranging from China to India to Germany to Brazil and Korea to ensure that we can design, manufacture and service our customers locally.

Our direct model has been embraced in every country we have launched in. We have gained share every year since 1995 in almost every customer segment and product category in each of our top 15 countries. Dell has less business outside the U.S. as a percent of sales than our largest competitor and our other technology company competitors. Our upside is clear.

Excerpt from the full Dell conference call transcript.

Full disclosure: long DELL.