Three Important Developments in FTTH

by: Tim Poulus

Three important developments this week in FTTH:

  • Axia NetMedia (NYSEMKT:AXX) (discussed before) detailed its plans for Australian NBN. If the company gets its way, it will build FTTP, not FTTN.
  • The same firm bids on the active layer of the Singapore network [NGNBBN], with Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO). It's somewhat puzzling to see Axia bid alone on the Australian NBN, but naturally it needs partners, with SingTel (on the NGNBBN passive layer), or against SingTel but with Cisco. Maybe there's room to band together before contracts are signed.
  • Swisscom (OTCPK:SCMWY) has the revolutionary idea of laying 4 fibers to each home in its FTTH plans. It will use one itself, leaving room for three competitors to engage in infrastructure-based competition.

Plus, a worthwile interview with TransACT's former CTO Paul Brooks:

Question: Telstra (TLS) said it is 'impossible' to build or maintain a network if structural separation is enforced, is this true?" Answer: "No, of course not. They might not enjoy the same levels of cross-subsidisation they currently access regarding basic network infrastructure costs and high value-add retail products, but that's an economic argument, not an argument about whether it is possible or not. (...) If the wholesale arm actually had incentive to make things easy for their customers, then the business case for the separated retail arms becomes even stronger.

Plus: an Australian opposes sub-loop unbundling [SLU], but a New Zealander points to the reality of it, albeit it in FTTN + VDSL deployments.