You Cannot Stop Obama from Saving the Economy

 |  Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPY
by: TraderMark

Look I am as bearish on the economy as the next guy... wait, I'm way more bearish than the next guy (who appears on CNBC each week/month denying we even have a recession because the "stats don't say it" until they do, and then they whisper sweet nothings about short and shallow recessions)....

....but in the face of governors selling Senate seats, the biggest Ponzi scheme ever uncovered on Wall Street, weekly jobless claims blowing past 550K, bailouts to the left, bailouts to the right, people redefaulting at 50% rates within 6 months on modified loans, an absence of credit to buy cars, to buy houses... none of it matters. The market only levitates higher.

There is but one explanation. He has come to save us.

You cannot stop Obama from saving the economy (domestic and global) - you can only hope to contain him. At your own peril.

Rejoice; his halo extends throughout the solar system - economic activity is now bursting on Saturn. Daytraders on Jupiter are lavishing in Lennar and DryShips - hedge funds on Venus pile into Las Vegas Sands and multiple mall based REITs. He is Obama - he is intergalactic in stature.

Until I see otherwise I stick to my "hedge funds want to mark this market up into year end to try to pretend they had a good year" thesis. Until I see otherwise (or a close below S&P 840), I shall be bathing in Kool Aid until the year end. With my life size Obama poster hanging over the vanity. As I thought of said poster I noticed myself looking at my individual stock watch lists instead of ETFs for the first time in months. I smiled. I bought stock. I helped a Morgan Stanley investment banker today keep his 6th home - he won't have to sell it after all. This is my way of giving back to those in need in the holiday spirit.

I shall continue to post economic "facts" in the coming weeks, but scoff at those readers who implore me to read them and believe in them. They mean nothing. He has come. Join the movement. Tell your neighbors; their 401ks shall once more blossom; their jobs shall return from China, and India and Mexico. State budget coffers will overflow with newly printed Federal Reserve money.

Yes we can buy egregious amount of stock without worrying about them ever going down again. Yes we can ignore the economic road ahead - not only is all the bad news priced in, but what is not priced in is his arrival. Yes we can. Yes we can.

(if "Bluedog" is still around please email me, I need a new piece of art done that replaces Kool Aid Man screaming "Buy Stocks" with Obama saying it)