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Oh how the tides have shifted in Tech waters since the start of the fourth quarter. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was once the most beloved stock on Wall Street (and probably the world), but it has been the most loathed since the start of the fourth quarter last year. At the same time, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) was likely the most loathed stock on Wall Street following its disastrous IPO last year, but it has been one of the most loved since the start of the fourth quarter.

In the Nasdaq 100, the shift away from Apple and towards Facebook can be seen clearly. As shown, since the end of the third quarter last year, Facebook is up the most of any stock with a gain of 43.70%. Apple, on the other hand, is down the most of any stock in the index with a decline of 24.48%. As the biggest stock in the world (for now it seems), Apple has hurt the overall market much more than Facebook has helped.

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Source: Is Apple The Old Facebook And Facebook The New Apple?