Ultrashort Real Estate Drop Demonstrates Unlimited Faith in a Recovery

| About: ProShares UltraShort (SRS)

Simply amazing moves on thesis. Ultrashort Real Estate (NYSEARCA:SRS) is now at the low for the year which means the inverse index (effectively all sorts of REITs) are at the high. The faith in federal government saving all our commercial real estate is apparently unlimited. Quite amazing.

I owned this for many of the past 15 months when it did nothing in the $70s - just waiting for the fallout. Apparently all the fallout is done with, and we can go back on our merry way. It is now down in the mid $50s. Folks this was in the $280s just weeks ago. "It's all priced in" - so say the commercial REIT stocks.

I'm afraid to add to the position here simply because of my "year end" manipulation up thesis, but this is a lower price than I was able to buy it at any point this year, so it's getting mighty tempting. Maybe I can get it at $5 at this pace, by Dec 31st.

I have a post scheduled to go up tomorrow morning re: malls based on a story a reader sent me. But that is based on fact. In the casino, thesis rules.

Anyhow, I am just glad the government has my back and I can buy any stock with full confidence now. No matter the sector or fundamentals. Boo Yah.

Long Ultrashort Real Estate in fund; no personal position (but soon)