Wimax Stocks Drop: Buying Opportunity? (ALVR, AIRN)

 |  Includes: AIRO, ALVR
by: Himanshu Pandya

The more you read about Wimax the more the question shifts from ‘if’ to ‘when’ Wimax will become reality. The recent sell-off has made the two Wimax stocks attractive at their current valuations.

Note that both companies mentioned below are still not profitable and might not be for a while. However, I see this as a good chance to get into an emerging technology stock before the technology goes mainstream.

The two companies that will benefit the most with the upcoming Wimax revolution are (click ticker for chart):

1. Alvarion Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALVR) - Is the best of breed in Wimax and has partnerships with big names like Intel and IBM. The stock is near its 52-week low and is worth picking up if the weakness continues. Also, an acquisition play for big players who don’t have a strong Wimax portfolio -- such as Cisco.

2. Airspan Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: AIRN) - More of a pure play Wimax pick. The downtrend started with a higher than expected loss last quarter which was attributed to $5.5 million revenue deferral from Yozan Inc., a primary customer for its WiMAX deployment in Japan. Also, one of its Directors, Matthew Desch, bought 4900 shares on 5/19/2006 for an average price of $5.613. Just like Alvarion, I think the size of this company makes it a acquisition play as well.

Full Disclosure: I own stocks of Alvarion and Airspan.