Lowe's' November Plunge: Blip or Trend?

 |  Includes: HD, LOW
by: Geezeo

Home Depot (NYSE: HD) customers spent 40% more per visit in November than customers at Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse (NYSE: LOW). Based on data compiled by Geezeo’s Main Street Spending Index, the average spend person spent $68.76 each time they went to Home Depot in November. Conversely, the average Lowe’s customer only spent $48.98 each visit.

Loyalty at both stores was nearly identical. The average customer visited each store approximately 1.7 times last month. That number has been declining steadily since their May peak of almost 2.2 visits respectively. This drop is mainly attributed to the seasonality of their business.

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With an average spend per visit of $68.76 and 1.7 visits in the month, the average Home Depot customer spent $121.07 in the month of November, up 1.1% from the $119.72 spent in October. Conversely, the average Lowe’s customer spent only $85.45 in the month of November, down 24% from the $113.02 spent in October.

Interestingly, in November 2007 Lowe’s customers spent an average of $124.14 in November, while Home Depot customers spent $93.04.

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We believe the spending disparity between Home Depot and Lowe’s is an anomaly and expect it to correct itself in December. There has been no drop off in visits per store between Home Depot and Lowe’s, and there is a history of monthly price swings.

Although we view this as nothing more than a data blip, we will analyze and report on December data trends on January 5th.