Commodity Chart Of The Day: FCOJ

by: Matthew Bradbard

In the last 3 months, FCOJ prices rose 35% only to be followed up with a decline of 25%. After building what I interpret to a base the last 2 weeks, I think we could see round 2 of an appreciation. March futures, which can be seen in the chart above, has closed above its 9 day MA and as of this post, is trading near 2 week highs. My stance is that we see a trade higher in the coming weeks/months, and I've advised clients to scale into bullish trade using the Fibonacci levels as your targets on the way up.

As long as we do not see a penetration of the recent lows, I would remain in long futures and trail stops on the way up if the market cooperates. As for option trades, I would look out to May and July contracts and use multiple legs to allow flexibility. I like the idea of back ratio spreads, thinking we could see a trade 15% higher in the coming weeks/months.

I do think we will see a shift in money among the commodity players. I do not see traders abandoning the markets that have outperformed of late, like metals and energies, but I think when big traders rebalance, some of the money will find its way into commodities that have underperformed recently. Two sectors that I believe could see some of those assets on a rebalancing are the softs (FCOJ, sugar, cocoa, and coffee) and livestock markets (cattle and hogs).

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