Partial List of Personal Holdings: Bonds, ETF Bond Funds and High-Yield ETFs

by: Thomas Smicklas
I think many bloggers in finance allude to what they own rather than be specific, painting with a broad a brush that serves their intent not to explicitly
reveal portfolio holdings, or to have readers mirror their portfolio without taking into account individual circumstances.

Over the past twelve months, and especially during the period of March-September, my investment portfolios have undergone the most dramatic change ever ("ever" being 1974). I am very fortunate that rental income and dividend-rich stocks have kept my total portfolio loss manageable, even accounting for real estate depreciation. Certainly, the tax treatment owning MLPs and real estate will help mitigate this loss further during upcoming tax season.

Today's blog focuses on bonds, ETF bond funds and high-yield ETFs I own. I am comfortable with the mix to date, although we all know in the present investment climate, things can change in a hurry. Without recommendation or a must buy yell, here, for the most part, is the roster:

IDV - IShares Dow Jones Select EPAC Dividend Fund ETF ($19.32/9.13%)
Why: Some international stock exposure with decent yields. IDV is a stinker this year.

BWX - SPDR International Treasury Bonds ETF ($54.44/3.28%)
Why: Conservative international government bond exposure.U.S. Inflation hedge.

GMAC SmartNotes maturing 3/15/2009 ($65.75/coupon 4.25%)
Why: Idiot. Sold those maturing later at a loss. Maybe this will pay out at par.

Sirius Satellite 9.625% Notes maturing 08/01/2013 ($18.00)
Why: Absolutely pure speculation. Bought cheap. Should have invested with Maddow.

BSV - Vanguard Short Term Bond ETF ($72.77/3.67%)
Why: Short term, very secure bond ETF paying a decent yield for what it is.

LQD: IShares Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF ($99.50/5.48%)
Why: Great corporate recovery security. Pays you to wait.

PFF: IShares US Preferred Stock Index ETF ($27.81/11.06%)
Why: Effective, bank heavy strategy to play a corporate recovery with a nice yield.

PGF: PowerShares Preferred Financial Portfolio ETF ($12.30/12.23%)
Why: Will the government permit more large banks to fail? I think not.

SHY: IShares 1-3 Year US Treasury Bond Index ETF ($84.67/3.34%)
Why: Pronounced conservative holding that anchors the bond portfolio for me.

TIP: IShares Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities ETF ($100.50/6.75%)
Why: I believe that inflation is not too far in the distance and want exposure to this possibility.

U.S Savings Bonds: Purchased as a safety net. Ridiculed at the time.