Fun with Math: Williams-Sonoma

Dec.26.08 | About: Williams-Sonoma Inc. (WSM)

Oh Williams-Sonoma, people are walking past your stores as though it’s even possible to bake a cake without Egyptian cotton potholders and a sterling silver whisk. Shame on us all for not splurging on cookware in this, our Greatest Depression.


Based on it’s current stock price of just under 8 bucks, WSM has an Enterprise Value (stock market capitalization plus all outstanding debt, minus cash) of about $840 million. We thought it might be fun to figure out what else could be bought for the same price as the entire Williams-Sonoma chain (which includes Pottery Barn).

For $840 million, the price of Williams-Sonoma, you could also buy:


934,300 KitchenAid 620 Professional Stand Mixers (in Brushed Nickel, $899.00 each at Williams-Sonoma)


    98% of the new Citi Field located in scenic Flushing, Queens (Projected Total Cost of $850 million)


    33 Man-made Dubai Islands ($25 million each, on average)


    Full Tuition for 8400 Students at the Culinary Institute of America ($100,445 for 8 Semesters)


    210 “Dates” with Ashley Dupree ($4000 a pop)

So, with $840 million to spend, you do have options other than buying Williams-Sonoma… choose wisely.

Full Disclosure: I am not currently long or short WSM in either personal or client accounts.