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By Rob Day

Happy new year, everyone!

A big thank you to the few thousand of you who regularly read this column, and thanks for the kind words many of you have sent my way over the past few years. I hope these rambling writings continue to be useful for you…

Everyone probably already has a lot of resolutions already in mind for the new year, but allow me to suggest a few additional ones (these are mostly easy, so you can quickly increase your “success rate” if you add them to your list):

  • Spend 5 minutes at the EERE’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator… And ponder why, with the billions upon billions spent on producing biofuels, it’s so tough to find a convenient retail option near you where you can actually purchase the stuff for your vehicle — and even when you do find such fuels, how can you know how sustainably (or not) they were produced?
  • Spend 5 minutes flipping through the early release ppt of the DOE’s 2009 Annual Energy Outlook… And ponder how we’re going to possibly address our looming climate change and energy supply challenges if fossil fuels are really going to remain 79% of the U.S.’s energy supply mix by 2030. Major systematic changes are clearly needed…

That’s it! Just 30 minutes’ worth of to-dos over the holiday weekend, and you can cross 8 new year’s resolutions off of your list. Best wishes for a safe and peaceful and prosperous 2009 all around…

Source: 2009: The Year of the Carbon Market