2008: Ten Unforgettable Days

Includes: DIA, QQQ, SPY
by: SA Eli Hoffmann

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2008, a year many would rather forget, will more likely be seared in our memories for a long time. Use the links below to see how 10 of the year's most unforgettable days unfolded, through the eyes of Market Currents:

July 14: IndyMac is seized.
Sept. 8: Fannie and Freddie collapse.
Sept. 15: Lehman bankrupts. AIG gets bailed out. BofA buys Merrill.
Sept. 17: Reserve Primary breaks the buck.
Sept. 22: Bye bye I-banks.
Sept. 25: JPMorgan buys WaMu.
Nov. 5: Obama.
Dec. 12: Madoff.
Dec. 16: 0% interest.
Dec. 19: Automakers get their bailout.

Update: Readers chime in with some great suggestions:

March 17: Bear Stearns goes. The end begins.
Oct. 9-10: Meltdown.
Nov. 20: Markets hit (interim?) bottom.

Which days stick out in your mind? What are the events you can't seem to shake? What do you like about Market Currents? How can we improve it? Speak up in the comments.