Imperial Oil: High Quality, Low Risk (IMO)

| About: Imperial Oil (IMO)

Buy-recommended Imperial Oil (NYSEMKT:IMO) is at a higher value than its peers on a long-term oil price of $50 a barrel. Considering that long-term oil price is $73 in the futures market, we should soon be raising estimated net present value [NPV] from the current level of $90 a share. As well, Imperial's NPV is higher than that of its peers relative to estimated next twelve months [NTM] cash flow and adjusted reserve life.

Yet NTM cash flow and reported reserves do not include representation for more than 2 trillion cubic feet of Arctic natural gas that awaits a pipeline nor for additional oil sands potential in the proposed Kearl mining project. In addition, Canadian crude oil price rebounded in April from low levels relative to the global standard reflected in first quarter results disclosed on May 2. This high-quality company has low financial risk with debt at just 0.09 times present value.

Written May 3, 2006
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