Cramer's Mad Money - Baskin Robbins Will Take China By Storm (1/31/13)

Includes: DNKN, KEY, SAP
by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Thursday January 31.

CEO Interview: Nigel Travis, Dunkin' Brands (NASDAQ:DNKN)

Cramer said Dunkin' Brands (DNKN) reported an "unbelievable" number, and the company has a presence in 56 countries worldwide. DNKN is a regional to national, and now, international story that started out on the East Coast of the U.S. DNKN beat earnings by a penny, and same store sales were up 3.2%, with management increasing the dividend by 27%. CEO Nigel Travis plans to double the number of stores, to expand into California and Mississippi. Dunkin' Brands has a new mobile app and is using social media to generate interest. Sales increased 30%. While domestic sales were strong, Travis admitted that the international segment of the company needed a revision of the business model. Baskin Robbins International is the "jewel of the crown," and "if anyone can take China by storm, it will be Baskin Robbins." Cramer thinks Dunkin' Brands is heading higher.

CEO Interview: Bill McDermott, SAP (NYSE:SAP)

SAP (SAP), a major producer of software, which makes investments in mobile, cloud and big data, announced preliminary earnings numbers that caused the stock to decline down to $77. However, the stock is back to its former level after management gave the full earnings data. The stock is up 64% since Cramer got behind it in August. "When you do a preliminary release, you don't get to explain the story," said CEO Bill McDermott. Revenues were up 21% and profits were in-line. SAP has many new clients, particularly in cloud computing. SAP has the NFL as a major client and the company has found a way to reach an increasing number of viewers through mobile and social networking. SAP reported a 13% increase in business in Europe, where the company can perform well even in a weak economy, when companies are looking for solutions to save money.

CEO Interview: Beth Mooney, KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY)

"One of my top themes for 2013 is the rise of the regional bank," said Cramer. With housing on the mend and an increase in regulation of larger banks, regional banks might be better choices to buy. Cramer owns shares of KeyCorp (KEY) for his charitable trust, and the stock has had a run from below $7 to below $9. KEY reported an excellent quarter, with net interest income up 14 basis points and 7% loan growth. However, the stock fell 30% before rebounding, trading above its level before earnings. Cramer asked how Keycorp was able to succeed in net margin increase and loan growth where other banks failed. "Our targeted strategy is to lever ourselves to the business economy," said KeyCorp CEO Beth Mooney. The company also lowered costs and has seen the Midwest expand in manufacturing and there has been momentum in commercial real estate. The commercial mortgage banking business had a record year in 2012, and the investment banking and debt placement income segment was up 75%. While KEY returns 50% of its net income to shareholders, a successful 2013 might see a dividend increase. Cramer is bullish on KEY and noted it has the best net interest margin numbers he's seen this quarter.


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