Jun 05

Tips For Hiring A Financial Advisor

couple working on personal financeMany investors have found they do not have the patience, understanding or self-discipline to manage their own investments. Fortunately, there are websites that will assist in finding a financial advisor for you:

1) The official Certified Financial Planner [CFP] website provides a way to search and find a knowledgable CFP in your area.

2) Many believe that a fee-only financial advisor more closely aligns your goals to the professional who is providing the advice. To find a fee-only advisor in your area go to The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors or the Garrett Planning Network.

3) Begin reading Seeking Alpha regularly -- you may find that some of the professional portfolio managers who contribute to our site impress you with their insights and share your investment philosophy, and you'd like to approach them directly to learn more about their services. Go for it.

But remember, managing your own portfolio doesn't have to be overwhelming -- check out our free Radical Guide to Investing to see how.


  • Many affluent investors find great financial advisors by attending financial advisor seminars. While these events may be perceived as strictly a marketing tool - they're great for kicking the tires and staying at arms reach from a high pressure one-on-one sales meeting. If you like what you hear, you can often get a free appointment and see if the financial advisor marketing the seminar is right for you. One of the websites that supports this message is www.advisormarketingsy.... Best of luck!!

    May 04
  • For retirees who seek a specialist, there is a directory of Certified Retirement Financial Advisors at Retirement Planners. Note that these are not specilists that assist babay boomers trying to retire, but those ALREADY retireed seeking the specilaized assistance consistent with their financial situation.

    Jun 18
  • Another good source for finding a financial advisor (also CFPs) is at My Financial Advice. This should definitely be a process of interviewing a number of qualified advisors or planners to find the best fit.

    Jun 07
  • If you decide that you need a financial planner, it's important that you take the time to literally interview a number of them to find out which one you think would benefit you the most. It seems a lot of people think that they can pick a financial planner and then give their finances over to that person to take care of - one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make. The financial planner is there to give you options and teach you about issues that you may not have considered, but ultimately you're responsible for your finances.

    Jun 06