Who's Hiring and Who's Not?

by: Bruce Bahlmann

With all the pull backs in hiring, layoff, etc. it is getting hard to find companies with any openings. So, out of curiosity, I made a list of 33 companies I've been asked about recently and ranked them by their perspective job openings versus their number of current employees. The chart below is the top ranked companies in my list. For those of you concerned about "American Jobs", I added a column that describes the percentage of job openings for this company that are on American soil as opposed to overseas. These companies look to be expanding or at least investing in new product development.

Company Stock Employees Ranking US-Made
Adobe ADBE 1070 16.26% 44.25%
Infinera INFN 711 9.14% 63.08%
Concur Technology CNQR 932 5.69% 75.47%
Websense WBSN 1238 5.49% 33.82%
Interwoven IWOV 991 5.35% 13.21%
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Along the same lines, the following chart describes the bottom of my list in terms of the companies with the fewest job openings with respect to the number of current employees. Some of these probably come as no surprise, while others you might not expect to see there. These companies appear to be acting overly conservative which might be a good thing or potentially slow their recovery.

Company Stock Employees Ranking US-Made
Avnet AVT 12800 0.27% 88.24%
Comscope CTV 15500 0.25% 50.00%
Symantec SYMC 17600 0.15% 88.89%
ADC Telecommunications ADCT 10600 0.14% 73.33%
Western Digital WDC 50072 0.13% 6.25%
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Through this exercise, one particular company popped out as interesting to me, and not just because it came in near the top or the bottom but because of the type of job openings listed. The jobs listed by this company were not only extremely technical but clearly something is in the makes as you just don't see companies trying to hire this focused of a technical group that often.

Company Stock Employees Ranking US-Made
Micros Systems MCRS 4619 1.28% 81.36%
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Stock position: None.