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Rob Zenilman submits: Normalized net income (includes the effect of taxes, but excludes any unusual items) per employee in the Alternative Energy sector for the most recently reported fiscal year ranged from $67,887 (NYSE:ETR) down to -$1,824,277 (HYBT), with a median value of -$67,212

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FY Net Income
FY Net Income # of Per Employee
Ticker Company Ending ($mm) Employees ($000)
ACPWActive Power Inc.12/31/05-$14164
ALTIAltair Nanotechnol12/31/05-$658
BCONBeacon Power Corp.12/31/05-$525
BLDPBallard Power Syst12/31/05-$61N/A
DESCDistributed Energy12/31/05-$10180
DSTIDayStar Technologi12/31/05-$453
EEEIElectro Energy Inc12/31/05-$258
ENEREnergy Conversion 06/30/05$27746
ENOVEnova Systems Inc.12/31/05-$229
ESLREvergreen Solar In12/31/05-$12290
ETREntergy Corp.12/31/05$95514,066
FCELFuelCell Energy In10/31/05-$41335
HOKUHoku Scientific, I03/31/06$2N/A
HYBTHybrid Technologie07/31/05-$42
HYGSHydrogenics Corp.12/31/05-$18236
IDAIdaCorp, Inc.12/31/05$541,993
KYOKyocera Corp.03/31/06$625N/A
MCELMillennium Cell In12/31/05-$634
MDTLMedis Technologies12/31/05-$12102
MKTYMechanical Technol12/31/05-$16125
MXWLMaxwell Technologi12/31/05-$3204
ORAOrmat Technologies12/31/05$12733
PEIXPacific Ethanol, I12/31/05-$622
PLUGPlug Power Inc.12/31/05-$29307
QTWWQuantum Fuel Syste04/30/05-$8697
SATCSatCon Technology 09/30/05-$6187
SPWRSunPower Corporati12/31/05-$10788
STPSuntech Power Hold12/31/05$321,374
XSNXXSUNX Inc.09/30/05-$11

Data: CapitalIQ


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