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Rob Zenilman submits: Normalized net income (includes the effect of taxes, but excludes any unusual items) per employee in the Software sector for the most recently reported fiscal year ranged from $184,980 (NASDAQ:MSFT) down to -$23,169 (LNUX), with a median value of $37,527

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FY Net Income
FY Net Income # of Per Employee
Ticker Company Ending ($mm) Employees ($000)
ADBEAdobe Systems Inc.12/02/05$4795,734
ADSKAutodesk Inc.01/31/06$2394,813
ATRSAltiris Inc.12/31/05$7878
BMCBMC Software Inc.03/31/05$826,905
BORLBorland Software C12/31/05-$61,269
CACA, Inc.03/31/05$17215,300
CHKPCheck Point Softwa12/31/05$2441,414
CPWRCompuware Corp.03/31/06$1137,510
CTXSCitrix Systems, In12/31/05$1453,171
DOXAmdocs Ltd.09/30/05$23313,200
INTUIntuit Inc.07/31/05$3467,000
IVIIInterVideo Inc.12/31/05$9803
LNUXVA Software Corp.07/31/05-$3127
LWSNLawson Software In05/31/05$81,400
MERQMercury Interactiv12/31/04$782,659
MFEMcAfee Inc.12/31/05$1503,290
MSFTMicrosoft Corp.06/30/05$11,28461,000
NOVLNovell Inc.10/31/05$515,066
ORCLOracle Corp.05/31/05$2,75349,872
QSFTQuest Software Inc12/31/05$502,763
RHATRed Hat Inc.02/28/06$501,100
SAPSAP AG12/31/05$1,71535,873
SYMCSymantec Corp.03/31/05$5486,500
TMICTrend Micro Inc.12/31/05$153N/A
WBSNWebsense Inc.12/31/05$38635

Data: CapitalIQ


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