10 Standout Growth and Value Stocks

 |  Includes: AGU, CF, CHK, CVX, ESV, KWK, MRO, NOV, PDE, WFT
by: SA Eli Hoffmann

"Growth Investors focus on companies with exceptional earnings growth, but many investors are simply not willing to pay excessive multiples for those earnings. Value Investors tend to focus on low P/E stocks, but many low P/E stocks have low P/E's because they lack any real earnings power. This screen combines the best of both worlds by finding companies with the largest growth rates while simultaneously having the lowest P/E's. First, the Universe of stocks is narrowed down to only those companies with a Zacks Buy Recommendation. Then, it searches for companies that have the best 5 Year Historical Growth Rates (higher than 80% of all the other stocks with a Zacks Buy Recommendation) while also having the lowest P/E ratios (lower than 80% of all the other stocks with a Zacks Buy Recommendation). Additionally, those companies also have to be trading over $5 and have a 10 Day Average Share Volume of 50,000 shares or more. This is a powerful screen and helps find strong companies at great values."

With screening parameters from Zacks, and Fidelity's stock screener, here are the ten top Something for Everyone stocks, listed in order of their relative rankings.

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