Who Scored with Super Bowl Ads?

by: Compete

At roughly $3 million a spot, this year’s crop of Super Bowl advertisers relied heavily on humor, feel-good messaging and timely promotions to stand out in this time of economic uncertainty. One measure of the cross-channel effectiveness of these advertisements is the degree to which they drove consumers to the brands’ websites on the day of the game. Here’s how Super Bowl advertisers ranked based on the change in Daily Reach on Super Bowl Sunday.


  • Denny’s (NASDAQ:DENN) Grand Slam breakfast giveaway scored with Super Bowl viewers. Traffic to Dennys.com soared 17 fold as consumers flocked to find details of the promotion and find directions to their nearest restaurant.
  • Pepsi (NYSE:PEP) came out ahead in the cola wars, at least online. While Coke’s (NYSE:KO) feel-good ads were generally well received, these “branding” spots lacked any clear call to action. Pepsi, on the other hand included a plug for its newly launched social-media micro site, refresheverything.com, which saw a 199% jump in visitors on the day of the game.
  • Anheuser-Busch (OTCPK:AHBIF), a Super Bowl staple on multiple levels, fared well, particularly Bud Light with its “Drinkability” campaign. Both budlight.com and budwiser.com more than doubled their reach on Sunday, no doubt in part due to consumers looking to replay their favorite commercials.
  • Service-based advertisers such as Monster (NYSE:MWW), CareerBuilder, Cars.com and E-trade (NASDAQ:ETFC) actually saw notable declines in site reach on the day of the game. Aside from branding, from a direct response respective these spots were targeted only at a subset of the viewing audience that is currently “in-market” for a new career, vehicle or investment account.

TNS Media has prepared a research brief on the impact of this year’s Super Bowl advertising, which is available for download here. The brief pulls together insights from Compete as well as TNS Cymfony, TNS Media Intelligence and TNS Media Research and includes both traditional and new media data sources.