Awkward Conference Call Moments: National Semiconductor -- Wall St. Analysts Are Our Biggest Concern (NSM)

| About: National Semiconductor (NSM)

From the National Semiconductor Corp. conference call held last week:

Q – Ahmed Seraffe, Credit Suisse

Looking out over the next couple of months, what would you see as your greatest concern? Especially with the comments earlier in the call about inventories maybe not being as much of a concern in the industry. What would you say are the biggest concerns for National over the next few months?

A – Brian Halla, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NSM

I would say if Wall Street keeps measuring our company on everything except results, you’re going to shake consumer confidence all by yourself. Don’t take that one, personally, by the way.

Q – Ahmed Seraffe, Credit Suisse

Got it. No problem, at all.