Electronic Arts on Mobile Phones

by: Judy Weil

Games for mobile phones and gadgets are a growing business. From Electronic Arts' FQ309 conference call:

The mid-20s growth rate… projected for our direct digital business… Really what it is, it is Pogo, it is Mobile, it is MMOs, it is a series of MSGs, it is ultimately a new MMO that we are going to be launching in joint partnership with LucasArts. And so it is a series of businesses that feel like they have gotten good tailwinds that are growing, Pogo and Mobile in particular.

Digital direct, which includes online and wireless, was up 27% year-to-date to more than $300 million. Our successful POGO business hit an all-time high of 1.7 million paying subscribers. We successfully launched a new MMO, Warhammer Online, and added a number of titles in countries to our growing online – Asia online business. And EA Mobile has generated $141 million in revenue so far this year, up 29%.

With the holidays we had six of the top 20 iPhone (NASDAQ:AAPL) games.


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