Tudor Investment Corp.: Portfolio Update

by: Market Folly

Hedge Fund Tudor Investment Corp ran by Paul Tudor Jones has just filed eight separate amended 13G filings with the SEC due to activity on December 31, 2008. The firm previously held positions in all of these names and has simply adjusted its positions.The updates, in no particular order, are listed below:

  1. The firm now shows a 0.04% ownership stake in Terrestar (TSTR) with 42,798 shares.
  2. It now shows a 1.9% ownership stake in BigString (BSGC.OB) with 995,712 shares.
  3. It now shows a 0.6% ownership stake in Fibertower (NASDAQ:FTWR) with 876,958 shares.
  4. It now shows a 1.2% stake in International Fight League (OTC:IFLI) with 955,886 shares.
  5. It now shows a 9.7% ownership stake in Progenics Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PGNX) with 2,888,513 shares.
  6. It now shows a 1% stake in ULURU (OTCQB:ULUR) with 628,873 shares.
  7. It now shows a 12.6% stake in Enherent Corp (ENHT.OB) with 6,593,336 shares.
  8. It now shows a 1% stake in KIT Digital (KDGL.OB) with 1,182,527 shares.

In late January, Tudor also filed numerous 13Ds on some other positions. If you're unfamiliar with Tudor, you can read his bio from Wikipedia, here.

He is quite an accomplished gentleman, which has earned him the title of the macro trader. If you want to hear some insightful thoughts from Paul Tudor Jones himself, head over to our post on Hedge Fund manager interviews or our post on quotes from Paul Tudor Jones.

We've also covered its 13F filing which details its entire portfolio. Depending on which funds you were invested in, 2008 was a mixed year for the firm. As we noted in our year end hedge fund performance numbers, its Raptor global equities fund finished '08 -20%, its flagship Global BVI fund finished -4.9%, and its Tensor fund (quant) ended the year +35.4%.