Handset Supply Exceeding Demand (MOT, NOK)

Includes: GOOG, NOK
by: The Stalwart

The Stalwart submits: This data point should have widespread implications: Nokia (NYSE:NOK) and Motorola (MOT) seem to be cutting orders for mobiles.

Nokia Oyj and Motorola Inc, the world's two largest mobile-phone makers, have cut orders, indicating handset supply is exceeding demand, JPMorgan Chase & Co's top technology analyst Bhavin Shah said.

Nokia reduced purchases of handset displays, while Motorola cut orders of Compal Communications Inc phones last month, Shah said in Taipei last Friday. He didn't provide specifics. ...

Makers of chips customized for mobile phones, computers, and consumer electronics are boosting production by about 30 percent, outpacing demand growth of about 20 percent, said Shah, who attended the Computex trade show in Taipei last week.

We remember hearing how MIT had produced sub-$100 laptops for developing nations. Now if only the sub-$100 laptops could easily use a cheap mobile phone to access the internet... we're still waiting for the next Google to emerge out of Bangladesh. Since deep down, what is really stopping anyone in the world from creating a Google? A bit of a tangent, but this question has been dogging us lately. Google, a $155 billion dollar company, was created within a few years simply from a computer, an internet connection, free time, and innovation.