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Recap of Jim Cramer's radio show on Wednesday June 14. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK): 'CHK is low, I say two thumbs up.'
Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO): ' I think its a cheap stock. I'm not giving up ... Buy, buy, buy!'
Broadcom (NASDAQ:BRCM): 'This company is growing at 22%.'
Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS): 'Wait 4 more days and then pull the trigger on this stock.'

Bearish calls:

Harmony Gold Mining (NYSE:HMY)
Hansen Natural (HANS)
'The stock was up, but I pronounce it finished, because its gonna go down.'
Tellabs (NASDAQ:TLAB) 'I'm worried about the quarter, not as investable as I thought. I think you gotta be careful.'
GSI Commerce (NASDAQ:GSIC): 'This is an electronic commerce stock, and how dangerous it is.'
Energy Conversion Devices (NASDAQ:ENER): ' ... the market no longer likes these stocks.'
Conexant Systems (NYSEARCA:CNXT)
Waste Management (WMI):
'This company isn't cheap, but its defensive. I would ring the register.'

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Source: Jim Cramer's Money Lighting Round Picks 6/14