Buy Wells Fargo Series O Before It Trades Ex-Div On Tuesday

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On Tuesday, February 26, Wells Fargo's (NYSE:WFC) preferreds will begin trading ex-div. This means that if you purchase them on Monday you will still receive the dividend while any Tuesday buyers will not. In 2012, Wells Fargo issued two new preferreds - the 5.20% Series N in August and the 5.125% Series O in November. The Series N made its first dividend payment in December while the upcoming payment will be the first for the Series O. The 5.20% Series N closed on Friday at 25.48 while the Series O closed at 25.27.


Wells Fargo's preferreds have investment grade ratings from both Moody's and S&P.

Wells Fargo Capitalization Ratios

By all three capitalization ratios, Wells Fargo is and has been a "well capitalized" financial institution.

Price History

Since WFC-O was issued in mid-November, the two positions have traded relatively on top of one another. Given their very similar profiles this is not surprising. Recently, though, WFC-O has leveled off a little bit while WFC-N has continued to trend higher.


The current premium on WFC-N is $0.48, which will take two quarters to fully recover. WFC-O, however, has a premium of $0.27 which will be fully recovered in this dividend payment.

Current Yield

Like the price chart, the current yield of WFC-O and WFC-N have been very close to each other since WFC-O was issued.

Accrual Period

Because this is the first dividend payment for WFC-O, the accrual period is mid-November to mid-March, whereas the accrual period for WFC-N is mid-December to mid-March. With a longer accrual period, WFC-O actually has a larger dividend payment then its normal dividend payment. WFC-O will pay $0.4093 per share (versus the normal $0.3203125) while WFC-N will pay $0.325 per share.

Larger First Dividend Payment

Incorporating the larger dividend from this upcoming payment for WFC-O paints a very different current yield picture when compared to WFC-N.

*The above chart uses a one year dividend payment for WFC-O of 1.3702375 ($0.4093 for one payment, $0.3203125 for three payments) and $1.30 (four payments of $0.325) for WFC-N.

Final Thoughts

Wells Fargo is regarded as one of the top banks and there are some very unique opportunities within their latest preferred. When looking at WFC-O, it trades at a smaller premium to WFC-N, offers a larger dividend this upcoming quarter, and has a comparable current yield when the larger upcoming payment is not incorporated. If you are comfortable with the underlying credit of Well Fargo, WFC-O offers a very unique opportunity if you purchase the preferred before Tuesday, February 26.

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