Cramer's Lightning Round - Transports Are on Life Support (2/25/09)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Wednesday February 25.

Bullish Calls:

IBM (NYSE:IBM): I am bullish on IBM… they had a great quarter… they are buying back stock… now a lot of people say, hey listen the chart looks like it is rolling over I like the company… I am recommending it.”
Nucor (NYSE:NUE):NUE we recommended it at $28, $29… it is an accidentally high yielding stock, it then shot up to the mid $40’s where we said sell, sell, sell… when it gets back to $28, $29 we will pull the trigger..”
PPL Corp (NYSE:PPL): “PPL, I like…I don’t like it as much as Exelon Corp.”
Exelon (NYSE:EXC): “Exelon’s got good growth.”
Con Edison (NYSE:ED): “I like Consolidated Edison (more than PPL Corp.)”
KBR (NYSE:KBR): “KBR is cheaper (than Foster Wheeler) because it has got a lot of cash.”

Bearish Calls:

CSX (NYSE:CSX):…the transports they are just on life support… they could go lower… CSX, Michael Ward, good company… I say it is going lower.”
Fluor (NYSE:FLR): “Tough call… infrastructure clearly going lower… but Fluor just delivered a good quarter… I am going to have to say… don’t buy, don’t buy… that group has just had it.”
Foster Wheeler (FWLT): “Foster-Wheeler reported a bad quarter… it really has crushed me… I have owned it for years. I should have sold it all…I blew it.”


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