Gates Stepping Down: Responses from Around the Web (MSFT)

| About: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

The Net is filled today with stories on Bill Gates’ decision to (gradually) step down from day-to-day operations at Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). Having given up the CEO role some time back, it is really nothing particularly shocking and we have little to say about it. So instead, we give you our handy-dandy roundup of what other people said.

Barron’s Tech Trader Blog says investors were expecting a bigger announcement.

24/7 Wall Street says it would have been big news… in 1998.

Blogging Stocks says good riddance.

CNN Money says the stock didn’t react since the move was forecasted.

Business 2.0 says Ballmer should be next.

Paul Kedrosky noted that Ballmer was not mentioned until late in the press release, so he might very well be.

PC World hyped up the fact that Ray Ozzie of Lotus Notes fame will be Gates’ successor… as Chief Software Architect.

TechDirt quotes friends who say Gates seems to have taken a chill pill.

MSFT 1-yr chart:

MSFT 1-yr