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Every so often, MagicDiligence compiles a list of Magic Formula stocks sorted by their dividend yield, price-to-sales ratio, and price-to-book ratio for investors that like to use those metrics. The result is a list of attractive value stocks for additional research. Here are the top 10 in each of the three metrics listed above:

Dividend Yield

TickerCompanyDiv Yield
DLXDeluxe Corp.11.19%
GVHRGevity HR Inc.9.43%
USMOUSA Mobility Inc.7.94%
KNLKnoll Inc.7.14%
MDPMeredith Corp.6.64%
CALMCal Maine Foods Inc.6.50%
MSBMesabi Trust6.00%
IPHSInnophos Holdings Inc.5.99%
GRMNGarmin Ltd.4.94%

Price-to-Sales Ratio

TickerCompanyP/S Ratio
PACRPacer International Inc.0.07
GVHRGevity HR Inc.0.10
SHFKSchuff International Inc.0.12
SGUStar Gas Partners LP0.13
PCRPerini Corp.0.17
EMEEMCOR Group Inc.0.17
TKTMTicketmaster Entertainment Inc.0.18
AHCIAllied Healthcare International Inc.0.20
HPYHeartland Payment Systems Inc.0.21
GPXGP Strategies Corp.0.21

Price-to-Book Ratio

TickerCompanyP/B Ratio
TKTMTicketmaster Entertainment Inc.0.20
AHCIAllied Healthcare International Inc.0.44
TCThompson Creek Metals Co Inc.0.44
GTLSChart Industries Inc.0.47
GVHRGevity HR Inc.0.48
MPAAMotorcar Parts of America Inc.0.53 Inc.0.53
PACRPacer International Inc.0.57
CTCMCTC Media Inc.0.58
GPXGP Strategies Corp.0.60
HURCHurco Companies Inc.0.76

There are some interesting plays on the list. Ticketmaster (TKTM) has agreed to be acquired by Live Nation for about its current value, so it can probably be discarded. A number of construction stocks on the lists, including Perini (PCR) and EMCOR (NYSE:EME), may benefit from government stimulus spending in the relatively near term. In addition to the freely available reports, MagicDiligence Members have access to research on USA Mobility Inc. (NASDAQ:USMO), Knoll Inc. (NYSE:KNL), Meredith Corp. (NYSE:MDP), Pacer International Inc. (NASDAQ:PACR), Inc. (TSCM), and Hurco Companies Inc. (NASDAQ:HURC).

Disclosure: Steve owns PACR.

Source: Magic Formula's Top 10 Dividend Yield, Price-to-Sales and Price-to-Book Stocks